South Street Studios serves as an inclusive multi-discipline venue for the Ipswich community; open to individuals and groups from any ethnic, financial or cultural background.

Opening in Summer 2016 with the support of a £50,000 grant from Biffa Award, the space seeks to support the cultural integration and cross-pollination of around 70 different nationalities and languages present in Ipswich today. Promoting community groups such as wellbeing workshops, art classes and charity projects during the day; the evenings shall be reserved for live performances with a focus upon Ipswich’s U18s community.

Situated off Norwich Road in Ipswich’s Westgate Ward, South Street Studios is within one of the UK’s most deprived areas. With provisions for young people in need of support beyond what is traditionally available at schools and colleges being cut in recent years, this new platform offers direct pathways to organisations and networks able to compensate for these shortfalls. Ultimately, the ambition is to act as a springboard upon which the local U18 population can gain access to employment and a greater level of wellbeing.

For sometime Ipswich has lacked a purpose built live music venue which is able to bridge the gap between local pubs and 100+ capacity performance spaces; South Street Studios aims to remedy this. Unlike neighbours Bury St Edmunds, Norwich and Colchester, Ipswich has seen its music scene stifled by a poor live infrastructure; one which specifically fails to encourage and inspire young adults to engage with music as either performer or spectator.

With a performance programme and schedule directly influenced by the local community, South Street Studios looks to flourish as fixture around which Ipswich as a whole can develop.

Programmes currently supported by South Street Studios include Out Loud Music, iRock, WiKid Percussion, iSounds and IEM.


Our funders, supporters and partners include: